First and foremost, Artvark loves playing as a quartet. That's how we started in 2005, and that's what we return to after every collaboration. Artvark Only is our main project.


a symphonic poem for hogs and a truffle

After several intense and fruitful collaborations the past years, on 15 September 2017 Artvark released a new album as a quartet: trance.

This time they bring one story, in one breath. The listener will be invited to join them on a journey. Departing from one note, the listener will be taken through a pulsing rhythm and system into a kaleidoscopic universe of different melodies, layered and overlapping each other.

For this project the members of Artvark have deepened and united their different backgrounds in one big composed story. They tried to capture the journey they've undertaken to get here – both individual and collective composing, and lots of experimenting with melodies and rhythm - in five long pieces. The men of Artvark long to loose themselves to be part of a larger whole. They take the listener with them along their way, through revolving melodies, more depth in harmony and rhythm and, maybe the most important, their 12 years of intense collaboration and sound.

Listen to TRANCE on Artvark - TRANCE

Bright and sparkling performance with melancholic and serene melodies. Everything falls into place in this seven-piece suite. A state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

Jazzenzo Erno Elsinga

Tragic and light-footed, unrivalled pioneers in music.

HMC Dagbladen John Oomkes