Artvark & Sinfonia Rotterdam

A long-cherished wish of Artvark is coming true: a project with new pieces of its own combined with 17 strings and a percussionist from Sinfonia Rotterdam. Sinfonia is a chamber orchestra under the inspiring leadership of Conrad van Alphen (South Africa), the founder of this exciting and dynamic orchestra that celebrated its 20th anniversary in March 2020 with a concert in the Doelen with Benjamin Herman as soloist. Sinfonia Rotterdam has the classics of the 18th century as its basis, but likes to colour outside the lines.

Such a line-up means for Artvark’s saxophonists a huge source of inspiration and new depth in composing. This has resulted in four completely different pieces. Besides these own compositions, Florian Magnus Maier and Martin Fondse were asked to write new work especially for this line-up.